Jun 7, 2024

Sisters’ Meeting

This meeting is specifically for sisters. They meet on the first Friday of each month, if you are interested you can join them on online using Zoom (ask for details) First Friday of the month Instead of the usual Bible Study, the sisters’ meeting is held on the first Wednesday of the month. Normally, the husbands are expected to do the baby-sitting or takecare of the children so that sisters, especially mothers can meet and fellowship and encourage one another…
Jun 9, 2024

Sunday Church Meeting

Fellowship Tea & Coffee (10:30 – 11:30) We open at 10.30 am, this is also the time where we set-up the hall, put the chairs and wire-up the PA system. You are free to come and pick-up a tea or coffee and chat with one of the brothers or sisters who are free. Sunday School (10:45 – 11:30) We encourage children in our midst to attend Sunday School where one of our brothers or sisters will lead the children into…